Search engines are an important part of promoting an online business. For your business to succeed, you must develop both short and long term strategies. These should incorporate how the changing size of the business will affect the effectiveness of certain methods. For Internet marketing to be successful, it should set its sites not only on shot term goals, but long term ones.
In the short term, search engine marketing, or SEM, is a very effective tool. Using pay per click (PPC) marketing, you can start to bring traffic to your website almost immediately. This method depends entirely on the behavior of users when they search for specific keywords. Important factors include how willing will they be to click on an ad, and how likely they are to buy something after doing so. In this method, you pay the search engines each time a user clicks on an ad that takes them to your site.
SEO kerala understands how to build the most cost effective PPC campaign based on your current resources. We know how to locate keywords that bring in a great deal of buying traffic but don’t have too much competition, and therefore aren’t priced to high. This strategy has been tested over and over and it has proven very effective at bringing targeted customers to your website. This helps your company grow quickly in the short term.


Our marketing strategy is designed to be easily altered to suit the needs of businesses of any size. This has earned seo kerala a trusted name in the search marketing industry.

We specialize in creating PPC campaigns for use on Google, Yahoo and Bing. The most important element of the process is keyword research, which brings in a great deal of traffic, high conversions, at relatively low costs.

Once the keywords are pinpointed, targeted advertisements are created for each of them. They are developed not only to target the keywords, but the corresponding demographic. Different ads are also created for people based on where they live and what their culture is like. The ads are designed to improve the click through ratio.

The “landing page” that people are taken to when they click on the ad is also customized to target each specific keyword and demographic. This dramatically improves conversions and increases your return on investment.

Your quality score is a factor that impacts your click through ratio. We understand how to improve your quality score so that your advertisements have better performance.

The professionals at seo kerala understand how to manage all of your ad campaigns at once in an umbrella format that achieves maximum effectiveness.

We believe that ROI is one of the most important factors to measure, and we continually look for better ways to invest your marketing money so that you can focus on other things.

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