Social Media Marketing Role in Business

The Internet has become a considerably more social phenomenon over the past several years, and this has an impact on the way that Internet marketing needs to be approached. A website should be seen as a contributor to society in some way, providing civic value to a certain degree.
Social media marketing (SMM) is the method used in order to accomplish this. The term has a fairly broad meaning. Generally, it can be used to refer to any strategy that helps to promote the popularity of a site, especially by promoting social interaction on the site and social networks. Social media is user generated content like comments or messages that are shared socially. Tools that are used to spread social media include blogs, bookmarking services, video and photo sharing, press releases, article distribution, and RSS feeds.


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Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and MySpace allow you to open up a two-way, rather than a one-way, dialogue with your customers. The ultimate goal of SMM is to generate a self-sustaining conversation that spreads throughout social networks, the digital equivalent of “word of mouth” advertising. This is also often known as viral marketing.

Some experts of social media marketing also refer to something called social media optimization (SMO). This is about transforming a website into a vehicle for social sharing. A good SMM strategy is based firmly in SMO.

A socially optimized site will make it easy to find and bookmark the most likeable content on the most widely used or influential social networks. It will also offer video content that users will want to share with their friends or colleagues through YouTube or other video sharing sites. Slides that capture user’s interest should also be submitted to Slide Share, and blog links should be exchanged with Blog Rolls on important, relevant websites.


Our team of experts understands the fluid, dynamic nature of the web, and the growing focus on unique content. We help you capitalize on this by generating potentially viral multimedia, designing widgets to improve social networking interfaces, and devising a strategy for marketing with widgets, blogs, and RSS feeds.

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