SEO – metrics are attempts by different services to translate the secret principle of search engine ranking into the language of numbers and ratings.The client can see how the implementation of previously approved work affects the performance of the project and the dynamics of its growth in general. And the optimizer can demonstrate a positive development trend that is achieved thanks to its efforts.This is especially true in current situations, when the first noticeable project results appear only after several months of persistent development, and not all clients understand whether the site is being worked on at all.The use of below metrics in the interaction of an SEO company or SEO Services specialist with a customer, in the end, benefits both parties.Let us have a look at some of the important SEO metrics which we can use to track the ranking.

Organic Traffic

Let’s start with one of the most important metrics to consider. It measures how many visitors come to your site from organic search results. High traffic means you have achieved your primary SEO goal of increasing the number of people who see and visit your site.

Organic traffic can be viewed in Google Analytics (for free). There you can see how the number of organic sessions changes over time and can find out how it correlates with the total number of sessions.

External links to the site (backlinks)

Backlinks are links to your site from any other site. Some companies track only these indicators. In SEO, everyone knows that inbound link count is the most important component of a website’s ‘health and wellness’.

Without strong backlinks, you won’t have good search engine optimization, traffic, and internet marketing success. Backlinks show crawlers that a site is useful, valuable, meaningful, and worthy of high rankings. You can watch it on ‘Google Search Console’ and tool like ‘Ahrefs’ will help you to see your competitors.

Keyword Ranking

Whatever you do on the site – build the link mass, improve the quality of the landing page, increase the attractiveness of materials, conduct marketing research and make technical improvements – all this for you to be higher in the search results for the necessary keywords and, as a result, get more traffic and potential customers.

SEO Expert kerala, as a leading SEO in calicut, recommend using SEMrush, a site ranking service that allows you to determine how you rank for keywords. In addition, you can collect complete information about the competition in search results for your query.


Site speed indicator (load time)

It is a measure of the speed at which the page loads in the browser. The download speed is determined from the moment the user sends a request to open a site until it is fully loaded. Network server response time, page size (measured in bytes), and request complexity are taken into account. The most important indicator, in this case, is the number of seconds/milliseconds in which the page appears in the browser window.Long page load times will lead to user frustration.

There are many useful resources for tracking load time statistics. Page Speed ​​Insights is a free extension available for a variety of browsers on both desktop and mobile displays. It helps you to assess your website performanceand provides tips for improvement.

Social media activity (Social Traffic)

Social media statistics show how many people share information from your page, mark it as liked, or demonstrate their participation and interest in some other way. Social media (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter) is important because it reflects the popularity of your site. The swiftness of information dissemination from your site among users is the most important indicator of its SEO success. To get statistics on social media popularity, you first need to register with them.

‘Google Analytics’ will show you the number of website visitors came through social media channels. Low social engagement rates indicate a loss of potential traffic from social media. In this case, actions should be taken to enhance activities in this direction.

Achievement of Goals (Conversion)

It is an indicator that is important for any commercial project, both for an online store and for a business that works in the field of offering services. Conversion is calculated based on the achievement of certain goals – selling a product, sending a request for services, registering a user, etc.


The purpose of obtaining all of the above indicators is to draw up an effective guide to action. The more accurate the data you have, the easier it will be to determine the best course of action and correct any deficiencies.

As an eminent SEO in Kerala,we suggest that you need to approach this issue very carefully in order to work comfortably, and the client can easily track the effectiveness of investments in such a channel for the development of his business as SEO-promotion.